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Honest Review Vol. 3: i-Rocks Tactile Gaming Keyboard

Honest Reviews: I will mostly be doing reviews about products which i myself am selling,  so you might think that i am biased and….. i cannot refute that. However, i feel that my reviews will be more about what you will get if you buy these products, and less about OMFG THIS IS SO GOOD MUCH WOW PLS BUY. just sayin’.

Lerooooooooooyyy Jenkins!!


Box front

Box back

The features. Will talk more on that later.

The first sight upon opening the box. My first thought was “IT COMES WITH A KEYBOARD COVER! ! <3”. No, I’m serious, I was stoked seeing that keyboard cover. Do you know how hard it is to find one here in Malaysia?

DSC_0791 DSC_0792
The booklet is the only other item in the box that comes with the keyboard, and it explains how you turn off the backlighted spacebar and how to turn of the Windows keys and function key. Pretty succint.

First impressions best impressions

Full frontal pic of the keyboard

How it looks from behind

Keyboard of Chinese Origin.

This keyboard comes with a normal, non-braided rubber cord. Definitely a (-) for a RM169 keyboard. =(

Pretty neat feature is this: cable management system which allows the cable to be routed so that it exits the keyboard to the left, centre or right. (+)

Note the rubber feet both on the base and the height adjuster. This means no matter what height you like your keyboard to be, the rubber feet are there for you. (+)

Even without the braided cable, it still comes with a gold plated USB plug. A good thing, even if it’s solely for the aesthetics. (+)

This keyboard comes with a pretty unusual font, which some might like and others hate. According to our in-house graphics team (I jest! We don’t have one!), it’s an Egyptian-ish font, which is kinda cool. I like it,  but at the end of the day, its just a font, so no biggie.

More on the font. Also, holding the PrtSC button toggles the backlight for the spacebar’s backlight, which is the only backlight on the keyboard, aside from the usual LED indicators.

DSC_0825 DSC_0823
Pretty attractive/sporty red stripe goes all around the keyboard.

Delve deeper, we must (Wall of text ahead)

So I’ve been using this keyboard for a while now and several things pop out, some good, some not so good.

I guess bad news is always preferable first, so here’s the ugly:

Dem feels

The keyboard is marketed and tagged as a “tactile” membrane keyboard with the POM guide sleeves for each key, but I was severely underwhelmed by the feel of it the first time i tried it. However, bear in mind that I am comparing it to a actual tactile mechanical keyswitch which costs quite a bit more than this (double, in fact), so that comparison would be unfair, to say the least. Still, to market it as a “tactile” keyboard, I expect more tactility.

To play devil’s advocate here, let me give some feedback from other people. While the general consensus is that the keyboard feels similiar to normal rubber domes, a slight minority claimed that the K10 feels better and much more tactile than their rubber domes. Generally, they were coming from using older rubber domes, so I guess this keyboard would be much better than theirs. Still, all this is qualitative and cannot be quantified, so I guess it’s to each person their own.

Let there be ligh….. no?

For RM 169, I would love to see more LEDs on this keyboard. There are a total of  5 LEDs on this keyboard, and 4 of them are indicators. As mentioned above, this keyboard ‘s only decorative LED is under the spacebar. But this is an aesthetics thing, and I’m not too bothered by it.

DSC_0822 DSC_0821 DSC_0819

DAT layout

One really annoying thing about the keyboard is that it has a standard layout EXCEPT for 3 keys, the “Enter/Return”, “Backspace” & “|” key. The enter key is super huge and takes up more space than is necessary. Not sure is this to make the logo on the key more noticeable or what, but this forces the “|” key. which is usually below the backspace and above the enter key, to be moved to the same row as the backspace key. This forces the usually “1×2” sized backspace key into a “1×1” size. This makes me constantly miss the Backspace as I usually hit the Backspace right in middle. For someone who switches between a few keyboards (part of the job :P) quite regularly, this annoys me to no end. However, if you only use one keyboard regularly, you could deifnitely learn to re-adjust your typing to this keyboard. Still, being one of the most commonly used-keys, it would make sense to make it larger.

Replaced the backspace key to at least make it FEEL different,

Now that we’re done with that, onwards to the good:

Yo momma so fat….

…that if she sat on this keyboard, she’d break. This keyboard is made pretty darn well. Feels really really solid, and pretty heavy as well. Part of this could be attributed to the fact that this keyboard has a “support plate” (so it says on the packaging, but I’d assume its a metal) underneath the membrane layer, but keep in mind that not ALL keyboards with backplates feel solid.

Cherry MX Keycap compatible

One of the really really (welcome) surprises about this keyboard is that the POM guide sleeve is actually compatible with Cherry MX keycaps.

The POM guide sleeves.

Replaced with iKBC Doubleshot PBTs from my RK9000.

In my personal opinion, this should be one of THE selling points that i-Rocks should emphasize. There are some people out there who love the looks of mechanical keyboards with custom keycaps but couldn’t care less about how they feel. This keyboard would be absolutely perfect for them, with several conditions. ONE, the keycaps they choose should be generously normal sized or big so that there’s enough clearance for the squarish raised borders/supports around the keycap stem. TWO, the keyboard uses normal rubber-dome stabilisers, so those keys using stabilisers (Enter, Space, Shift keys, the longer Numpad keys) would be be replaceable. Still, most people only want to change a few keys, not all, and changing all the alphabetical keys would be enough to give a keyboard that “cool” factor.

 Actually has 30-KRO

This feature actually trumps most mechanical keyboards as most mechs only have 6 or 8-KRO over USB. The K10 has a whopping 30-KRO that i tested over keyboardtester.com, which is really really good. While it’s not something you would ACTUALLY use, it’s pretty cool and definitely a good thing for all those gamers out there.

No more hitting windows and getting flamed by your “friends”

You can easily disable the windows and right function keys whenever you’re gaming by just holding those buttons down until the “win lock” indicator lights up. Another good point for all of you to keep i mind.

The Dust Cover

I’m not jokin’, some 400ringgit keyboards don’t even come with this.

Now, to wrap it all up…

One last point that I have to point out is that this keyboard comes with stock PBT keycaps. While PBT keycaps are generally regarded by the keyboarding community (not sure if it exists) as the best material keycaps can be made out of as they feel better, the PBTs on this keyboard are pretty thin.

Right to left : iKBC PBT, SP ABS, i-Rocks PBT

For most of you out there, if you don’t understand what the initials are, then it doesn’t really matter to you. But for those of you who do, the PBTs on the K10 almost bear no significance because PBTs only matter when you bottom out on your mech switch, and bottoming out on membranes feel the same no matter what they keycap is made of. To be totally honest, if i-Rocks made these with ABS, pretty much no-one would mind, and they would(should) save some costs by doing so. This is something that I personally feel, but could be subject to everyone’s personal preferences. Good for them for using PBTs, but at the end of the day, totally unnecessary.


Whether you like/love/hate this keyboard and what you think of it, I would say, totally depends on what you are looking for in a keyboard. If you’re looking for a solid keyboard to type on but don’t care about mechanicals, this is just perfect for you. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to a tactile mechanical keyboard, stay away. If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard which is durable, but don’t need media/macro keys or fancy pansy backlighting, pretty good buy as well as not many rubber domes give 30-KRO. If you’re looking for a keyboard for which you can change a few keys to make it personal, this would be awesome. At the end of the day, it’s what you want from a keyboard that really decides if this is a good buy or not.

My personal opinion is that its a pretty solid keyboard, but just not for me.


Dissapointing POM guide sleeve tactility, amazing Cherry MX keycap compatibility, terrible backspace key, great 30-KRO, awesomely solid, very niche clientele.

The i-Rocks K10 is available from RM 169 from us.

WASD Peripherals






Progress update 3 – THANK YOU, SWINBURNE!!

Hey guys!

First up, gotta apologize for not updating on tuesday as promised, cos i was too busy! D:

Next up, for those of you who don’t know, we came to SWINBURNE!!! Hell yeahh!

Pics or GTFO? No Problem! 😀

DSC_0794 DSC_0800 DSC_0796

Our booth, No. 34. Was supposed to be at the pathway between Block A and Block G but somehow, somewhere, somone reallocated us and we ended up pretty far back :[

DSC_0801 DSC_0798
Mechanical keyboards aren’t just for gamers. They’re for everyone who uses a keyboard regularly, be you an office worker, hacker, programmer or even just a student

Big Huge thanks for all the guys that helped out.

Also, thank you to all of you, Swinburne students or outsiders alike. 😀

We were really stoked to get all your feedback and response, as well as to meet all of you.

Third item on the list:
Our reviews for the i-Rocks K10 Tactile Membrane keyboard as well as the CM Storm QuickFire TK will be up within the week, so stay tuned. =]


As usual, follow us or like us on facebook for all the latest updates and informtion. If you have any enquiries, don’t hesitate to email us or message us through facebook.

Thanks, guys!

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Progress Update 2a – What’s up, SWINBURNE!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of activity but…. we have some good GREAT news! =D

First up, we’ll have our official logo soon enough and from what I’ve seen. it looks AWESOME!

Then, we have 2 more shipments of goods coming in this week, none of which are pre-ordered, which means that they’re ALL for sale!! Check back in by Tuesday and you’ll have a look at it! We promise it will be AWESOME!

Finally, to all you swinburne students out there, WE’RE COMING!! =D
We’ll be taking a booth during the Swinburne Carnival so you guys can come and test out some of our sweet, sweeet mechanical keyboards! =D
Right now, we have at least 3 keyboard planned for the day:
1. My Rosewill RK9000 that you see all over this blog
2. The CM Storm Quickfire TK with MX Browns
3. The i-Rocks tactile membrane keyboard

Additionally, we might have one or two switch testers to let you guys test out the Mx Red and Mx Black Switches.
Lastly, we will be bringing ALL of our stock to the Carnival, so if you’re looking for a mouse, mousepads or anything gaming related, come over and have a look. AND REMEMBER, just because we don’t have ready stock, doesnt mean we dont carry it!

So tell all your friends, and see you all this coming Saturday, 29th of March!

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Progress Update 2

Sup guys! There’s a new Ducky in town and I’m proud to sell it! =D..

The shipment today:

Bubble wrap! One can never have enough of it =D

Ducky Shine 3 – Ducky’s flagship keyboard model
DSC_0789 DSC_0790
With Green LEDs and Brown Switches

This Ducky was specially brought in for my customer, and is sadly not up for sale.. But there’s a few more models in stock in KL, so let me know if you want it before they all sell out.

The 2nd package is a demo keyboard, the i-Rocks K10 tactile keyboard.

DSC_0791 DSC_0792
Mooore Bubble wrap!
DSC_0793 DSC_0794
Shiny = goooood
The back of the K-10’s box
Size/ colour/shape/style/smell comparison with my rosewill.

This keyboard will be available for testing and demo sessions, for all you readers in Kuching. Let me know if you wanna have a go. Also, since this a long term keyboard, expect the full Honest Review to be up soon-ish.. Gimme a few weeks to really break it in.. =D

Also, I’m expecting a shipment of CM Storm/Razer products within the next few days, as well as a SteelSeries shipment next week in preparation for… stuff.. *it’s still a secret!*. So stay tuned, let me know if you want anything to be brought in (orders can still be made for this shipment), and stay clacking. 

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Hey Guys.. Finally done sorting out all the keycaps after so many days.. Here they are, in my patent-pending keycap holder/organiser (i joke!). Almost all of them are for sale, and the prices range from RM5 to RM30, depending on the design, condition, type, etc. The details are in my lowyat keycap shop found here. Will add a permanent link in the Prices sidebar soon as well. As usual, take a look and let me know if anything interests you. Cheers!

These generally command a higher price, due to the fact that they can be inserted into almost any keyboard keycap combination and still look great.

DSC_0791 (2) DSC_0790 (2) DSC_0789 (2) DSC_0788 (2) DSC_0787 (2)

This would be how it COULD look..

DSC_0783 (3) DSC_0784 (3) DSC_0790 DSC_0781 (9) DSC_0782 (9) DSC_0783 (7)
Fancy, no? =D

The next ones are all cheaper ones, due to the fact that the letterings are all random, and cannot really fit anywhere.

DSC_0786 (2) DSC_0785 (4) DSC_0784 (5) DSC_0783 (6) DSC_0782 (8) DSC_0781 (8)

If you see anything you like, let me know and you might just be able to have it. =D

Thanks to all you readers!

Thanks to all you readers!

This is how many views we’ve got from all around the world and I’d just like to thank everyone for their support. Keep it going and let’s fill the world with mechanical keyboards! ❤

Razer Marauder HoTS unboxing

Hey guys, me again. This time, we’ll be doing an unboxing of a Limited Edition Razer Marauder Keyboard. This is the Starcraft 2: Heart of The Swarm edition membrane keyboard which shares the same layout as the CM Storm Quickfire TK.

Note that this will not be an in-depth review, but just an overall look at what’s in the package, what the keyboard looks like, and the general feel of it.

So here we go.

Fresh out of the American box

A little dusty, but that’s to be expected. As always, Razer’s packaging is top notch.

DSC_0788 DSC_0789
Tantalizing sneak peeks of what’s inside

Features described multilingually.

Like a newborn baby

Protective dust cover is a MUST!

Razer and it’s usual marketing shenanigans.. not that it’s not welcome.. ;D

I call them, “customer appreciation papers”.. haha

Finally.. the keyboard in all its glory..

First thing that caught mt eye was the keycaps.. rubberied feel ALMOST similiar to CM Storm mechs.. but these feel like they are of a lower quality.. feels like it wears off easily.. i hope i’m wrong.. =[

LED indicators, with Gaming mode (winkeys disabled) and Recording mode indicator

Very solidy built braided cable. One of Razer’s plus points is that their keyboards usually have very very sturdy cables. Also, note the 2 usb plugs, one for keyboard function, one for the LED function.. thats right.. The LEDs are so hot, they need their own USB plug.. =D

Not purple as advertised out of the box. Scared me for a moment thinking it was the wrong model. Luckily, my customer told me that it required installing the Razer SC2 driver to become purple and awesome.. =D

Super duper sexy sidestrips ❤

Keyboard in all its backlit glory

DSC_0805 DSC_0806 DSC_0807  DSC_0809

The rear of the keyboard. Pretty well built, with adequate height adjusters as well as rubber feet. Here, I have to say that the Marauder is pretty heavy for a rubber dome keyboard.. This means that it will probably not move unless you want it to.. which is a good thing! =D

Flash off
Flash on
Flash off again
DSC_0817 DSC_0818
The Starcraft 2 Logo with and without lights on… pretty damn nice, i must say..

So at this point, i then installed the driver for the SC2 keyboard and…..


DSC_0820 DSC_0821 DSC_0824 DSC_0825 DSC_0826 DSC_0827
It comes with 3 customizable LED zones, namely the 3 mini strips on the 4 corners, the 2 sidestrips, and the main typing area… pretty cool, i must say….

Overall, this is a pretty well built keyboard with a very cool SC2 theme and only qualms about it are that

1. the rubber coated keycaps don’t look like they will last long, and since is non mechanical, i dont see how you can swap them out

2. they’re not mechanical! </3

Besides that, it’s a pretty cool keyboard and definitely would recommend it if you’re an SC2 fan…

WASD Peripherals

Signature Plastics’ baggy finally arrived

Be Forewarned, this post is almost exclusively regarding Mechanical Keyboard accessories, so if you’re not interested… well… strictly FYI.. =]

So here we go

After ordering the SP crap bag on th 26th February, and being shipped on the 27th February, its finally arrived…

DSC_0781 DSC_0782 DSC_0783 DSC_0784

Almost there…


There we go….


2 pounds of unadulterated keycaps.. Can’t wait to open it up…


Repurposed an unused drawer for this…

DSC_0791 DSC_0790 DSC_0792

I literally felt like a child playing with my long lost lego set prior to this shot.. childhood memories, the best memories. =D

So now, let’s get sorting..


Seperatin’ everything into DSA, non-DSA, and non-MX Cherry keycaps..

DSC_0796 DSC_0795

Unformed keycap… I’ll keep this for the feels.. </3

DSC_0797 DSC_0799

No idea if this is a Cherry MX stem, but it fits onto my MX Blues…


Signature Plastics’ hotline in case you ever need them


Be a man, grow your own weed.


Does anyone have any idea what logo is this? let me know and you might just get something in return.. ;D


The jump suit button. Probably an extra from James Bond’s Aston dashboard. =D


Weird but cool looking stem.. Anyone?


Malay is spoken in the States?? THE HORROR


All non-Cherry MX stems

Loot types

So here’s the types of caps i sorted out…

*Note: Will be selling ALMOST ALL of these keycaps to anyone who’s interested, so if you see something you like, let me know.. ;P


Super large 4×4 keycaps.. no idea what they’re for..


Deformed keycaps.. i thought the blank gray-white caps on top were deformed shift keys, but then i realised they were probably numpad Enter or Plus keycaps..


The best caps from all of the lot… windowed 1x caps, stepped Caps Lock caps (which i cant use, sadly.. will have to mod it later).. smileys, Panic Esc button, 4x blue linux keys i thought were from the raindrop GB, but it doesnt pop up in any pictures so… yeah….


Non-DSA profile keycaps

DSA keycaps will probably be in another post cos there’s too many…


Sorted blank non-DSA caps.. most of them are in pretty good condition for “rejects”…




First up, the translucent keycaps…


They stepped caps lock that doesn’t fit.. will have to mod it in the near the future..



Esc row blank keycaps… ❤

DSC_0819 DSC_0821

They fit pretty damn well…


Even though it’s a bit late for CNY, red never goes outta style..

DSC_0817 DSC_0818

The 4 blue linux penguins… almost perfectly formed.. probably unneeded extras.. note that it’s not 1x size..


Wanted to try the Green blank modifier but it seems that the stems are waaay too loose for my costar stab adaptors.. so I used some paper tape to tighten the fit.. worked perfectly.. thank you Ripster!


Happy Green, not Hulk Green…

So here, for those of you who aren’t familiar with removing longer keycaps with stabilisers in them, here’s an impromtu guide..


Notice that the keycap is fully removed from the Cherry MX stem, and is only being held by the two side stabilisers at this point. To remove the keycap, push the keycap to one side, to the point where you can almost remove the stem from one side. In the pic above, that would be the left one.


When you’re there, just push a little further, and you can pop it out…


Popped out.


Now you just remove it. There. Painless. =D


The stabilisers/adaptors (i dont know the proper term) with tape to make it fit snugly.


Tape removed.


Windowed keys. Pretty cool, IMO… though the Auto Punch one is a little shorter than the other 2..


Seriously, just grow your own weed. =D.


A non-standard Ctrl key from one of the group buys (can’t fit into my ctrl switch cos it’s a tad bit longer) with 2 red blanks..


Pretty fond of this arrow (i assume).. too bad there’s no up, left or right…


Windows… 98? i think…


A blank blue enter key that sadly doesnt fit my keyboard cause of the stems… Cherry ML, i think? not sure


Tried to make it work… not bad, i guess..

Ecsape/ Function Row keycaps galore

DSC_0785 DSC_0784 DSC_0783 DSC_0797 DSC_0796 DSC_0795 DSC_0786


Note that this Exit cap is kinda short so… yeah…



So that’s pretty much it for non-DSA keycaps.. if you like anything, let me know.. I’ll be putting most of these up for sale in Lowyat forum soon so.. keep a look out.

Until then, like/follow my facebook page (link in the sidebar) to receive all the latest news. =D


WASD Peripherals

Seems like it’s Christmas……

..with all these packages.

What’s up guys? Hectic week. 5 packages within 5 days does not make a free man. Here’s 4 of them:


Another package was received much earlier and already opened. So let’s get to it.

Package 1

This one was received on Monday.


What’s inside? Here you go…

Taiwanese ikbc thick PBT keycaps.

It also comes with a keypuller. Yay! No more paper clips! =P
*Note: The black keycaps are the original set that i changed earlier due to a lack of patience. heh.

Halfway through..


This set is currently being used by me, so its not for sale at the moment. Sorry =]

Package 2

This one came all the way from the US of A. Another keyboard accessory, so if you feel like skipping it, go ahead. =]

Max Keyboard is a American keyboard OEM company producing their own keyboards and keyboard accessories.

Full 104 key set with a few additional keycaps. Here, I just gotta mention that it is a side printed ABS “smoked” translucent keycap set. For those who don’t know what that means, “side-printed” means that the symbols are printed on the front side of the keycap, and not on top as is usually done. This is to prevent the letters from fading away after years of vigourous use. ABS is a type of plastic used in making keycaps, versus the “PBT”s in the white set above. While these keycaps look colid, they’re actually translucent and backlit keyboards will make this keycap really shine.

Additional keys to accomodate keyboards with unconventional or non-standard layout. I’m lookin’ at you, ISO.

8 additional novelty keys. I love these, by the way. So nice. =D

Note that this keycap set IS for sale, except for the 8 novelty keys. Prices for the full set or seperate components, ie the number pad, the 9 function key block, the Escape row and the alphanumerals, are available upon request at wasdperipherals@gmail.com.

Package 3

This one arrived early today. Was expecting it yesterday but hey.. all’s well end’s well.

So this is what came in package No.3. 2 items were pre-ordered, and another Razer DeathAdder 2013 CLG edition is up for grabs at the retail price of RM 229.

20140307_144036 20140307_144021

DSC_0781 DSC_0782 DSC_0787


DeathAdder 2013 CLG Edition unsold.

Package 4

This one was a special request from a client and i tried to get it for him even though i don’t carry Creative Technology products.


Arrived earlier than expected, and good to see a happy customer. =]


Package 5

This shipment was a pretty anticipated shipment of goods from SteelSeries. All items are limited editions and will not be in stock for long so… grab ’em while they’re here!

SteelSeries Qck+ mousemat, with limited edition Na`Vi design. This mousemat is super huge (450 by 400mm) as well as having a super thick 4mm base. Retails at RM 99.

This SteelSeries Kana Dota2 edition mouse is value for money as it comes with 1 free Qck Mini Dota2 mousepad as well as an in-game Dota2 item. Retails at RM 229.

This Siberia V2 headset is an officially licensed Dota2 product and comes with a Geniune Scythe of Vyse for Nature’s Prohpet. It’s a special edition and will not be available for much longer. Retails at RM 599.

Last but not least is this Limited Edition SteelSeries T-shirt. If you purchase all the 3 SteelSeries products above, it comes for free. Otherwise, it retails at RM 99.

All unsold.

So there you have it, guys. I hope you’ve seen something you like, and if so, please let me know. Also, if there’s something you want but it’s not here, let me know as well and we can have it arranged to be brought in next shipment.

WASD Peripherals

Honest Reviews Vol. 2: Razer DeathAdder All-Black Edition

Honest Reviews: I will mostly be doing reviews about products which i myself am selling,  so you might think that i am biased and….. i cannot refute that. However, i feel that my reviews will be more about what you will get if you buy these products, and less about OMFG THIS IS SO GOOD MUCH WOW PLS BUY. just sayin’.

Here we go.

So this time around, we’ll be having a look at the Razer DeathAdder All-Black Edition >link here<.


The DeathAdder is one of Razer’s most successful, most popular mice as it is still in the “affordable” (somewhat) price range (for a Razer) and has 2 extra side buttons in addition to the left-click right-click and scroll wheel button. Keep in mind that this unit I am reviewing is not new (review units, anyone? =D) and belongs to a friend who has kindly lent it to me. Right now, my permanent mouse is the Logitech G400s .Before we go on, here are the numbers:

Up to 3500 dpi
3.5G Infrafed Optical Sensor
1000Hz polling rate/ 1ms response time
Ergonomic Right-handed design
From Razer website:

  • Five independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivity adjustment
  • Always-On mode
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 enabled
  • Ultra-large non-slip buttons
  • 16-bit ultra-wide data path
  • 60–120 inches per second and 15g of acceleration
  • Zero-acoustic Ultraslick mouse feet
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • Seven-Foot, lightweight, braided fiber cable
  • Approximate Size : 127 mm / 5.00” (Length) x 70 mm / 2.76” (Width) x 44 mm / 1.73” (Height)
  • Approximate Weight: 148 g / 0.33 lbs

Now that that’s done, here is what the mouse looks like.

The rear of the mouse, not the curved grip with the 2 side buttons. This version of the DeathAdder doesn’t come with LED backlit Razer logo, unfortunately. This is a major letdown, in my opinion, as this was a RM 200+ mouse (currently retails for RM189). Still, at the current price, I would expect at least some form of LED lighting effect, be it on the scroll wheel or the logo on the palm grip.

This is the view from the right rear. The right side of the mouse is largely featureless. Here, I much prefer my own G400s with it’s recessed grip for the pinkie/ringfinger. But it’s not that much of a difference. Not a pro-gamer, doesn’t matter.

This is from the front. Note that the scroll wheel has deep-ish grooves as compared to other mice, and that even after 2 use of hard usage, the grooves are still rubbery, not worn down. Besides being slightly shiny, the scroll wheel seems to retain it’s functionality, as well as it’s tactility when scrolling.

This is the view of the mouse from the side. The slight demarcation below the 2 buttons is proof of this mouse’s 2 year-long usage. After 2 years, the side buttons are working perfectly fine, still pretty clicky. However, for the right-click left-click buttons, the right-click button is slightly “soft” (for lack of a better description). The right-click button is not as tactile and clicky as the left button, but after 2 years of Dota-ing, i would say this mouse is in great condition for it’s age. Here, i want to add that there are horror stories about how Razer products are overpriced and that the quality is lacking. I cannot refute the “overpriced” claim, but i must say that this mouse in particular has held up pretty well for a 2-year old mouse.

The underside of the DeathAdder. It’s made in China, by the way. The button next to the optical sensor is, I assume, for On-The-Fly DPI adjustments with the Razer Synapse driver installed. As I did not install the driver, I cannot vouch for it. Here, I have one complaint, and that is the glides/feet of the mouse is tiny as compared to other mice. Look at those 3 tiny feet, 2 in front, 1 at the back. However, this in no way affects performance, as far as I can tell. Also, the optical sensor is not as good as my Logitech G400s because when using the mouse on a tabletop, both matte and glossy, the mouse tends to not track as well. When used on a mousepad, it’s fine though. In contrast, the G400s tracks well on all surfaces, tabletop or mousemat.

Since this mouse doesn’t belong to me, I dare not open it up to have a look at the internals.

The mouse comes with a 2m long braided cable with a gold plated USB plug. Here, I have to say I am rather impressed with the condition and quality of it. Even after 2 years of use, no frays, no weird kinks, perfectly smooth and feels great. Definitely a plus.


As I tend to gravitate to using a claw grip and not a palm grip, I had to acclimatise myself to this mouse as I feel it is more suited to a palm grip user. Also, it feels too damn big in my hand, and I still prefer my smaller G400s. However, other people will definitely find this to their liking, else Razer wouldn’t have sold thise many of these lil’ buggers.

The glide performance, despite the tiny feet, is perfectly fine, perfectly smooth, no kinks, no rough patches or anything.

So……. that’s that, i guess. Overall, the Razer DeathAdder is a “budget” Razer gaming mouse with 2 side buttons with a pretty good build quality. That being said, there should have been other features included in a mouse in this range, but hey.. It’s a Razer.


Good quality Razer mouse, albeit slightly overpriced. Shoulda been backlit.