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Busy week ahead

Hey guys!!

Haven’t updated in a bit as I’ve been busy coordinating with suppliers, obtaining price lists and obsessing over what to order. This week, we have a few shipments coming in. 2 shipments are mechanical keyboard accessories and another 2 are mice/keyboards/gaming stuff. I’ll update as soon as I get them and get everything sorted out. Pictures will be up, as well as the prices for the items.

Also, I would like to add here that if you’re looking for anything near gaming-related (audio headsets, mice, keyboards etc) and you cant find it in Kuching, i can try and bring it in for you. If i dont carry that particular item in my catalogue, I will charge you whatever cost i incur, plus a nominal 15% handling fee.

Shoutout to my first customers:

tone my ^%$#ing @ss  –  Razer Deathadder CLG edition
ddennyz  –  CM Storm Quickfire Ultimate – Blue Switch
Senor Claypool  –  Mad Catz R.A.T. 7
FeZ  –  ROCCAT Kone Pure White
3/4 : Eow Y.W. – Razer Marauder HoTS edition (discontinued)

I hope this list will only grow longer and that you guys will continue coming back to me for your gaming needs. =D

WASD Peripherals


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