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Progress Update 2a – What’s up, SWINBURNE!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of activity but…. we have some good GREAT news! =D

First up, we’ll have our official logo soon enough and from what I’ve seen. it looks AWESOME!

Then, we have 2 more shipments of goods coming in this week, none of which are pre-ordered, which means that they’re ALL for sale!! Check back in by Tuesday and you’ll have a look at it! We promise it will be AWESOME!

Finally, to all you swinburne students out there, WE’RE COMING!! =D
We’ll be taking a booth during the Swinburne Carnival so you guys can come and test out some of our sweet, sweeet mechanical keyboards! =D
Right now, we have at least 3 keyboard planned for the day:
1. My Rosewill RK9000 that you see all over this blog
2. The CM Storm Quickfire TK with MX Browns
3. The i-Rocks tactile membrane keyboard

Additionally, we might have one or two switch testers to let you guys test out the Mx Red and Mx Black Switches.
Lastly, we will be bringing ALL of our stock to the Carnival, so if you’re looking for a mouse, mousepads or anything gaming related, come over and have a look. AND REMEMBER, just because we don’t have ready stock, doesnt mean we dont carry it!

So tell all your friends, and see you all this coming Saturday, 29th of March!

WASD Peripherals


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