WASD Peripherals

Official dealer – Razer, Steelseries, CM Storm, ROCCAT, Ducky.

Brief Hiatus

Hi guys!

We’ll be taking a brief hiatus while we sort some *stuff* out and once that’s done, we’ll be back with some SPECIAL announcement 😛 heh.

In other news, we’re in the midst of giving away a brand new Steelseries QcK Mini mousepad in conjuction with out 100th Facebook page “Like”. It’s not much, but it’s to show our love to all YOU guys! 😀 To join, make sure you “like” our page at fb.com/wasd.peripherals, and comment on the giveaway post with the next number in sequence, your favourite gaming brand, and why its your favourite. Once we hit comment number 100, we’ll roll the dice, and one lucky commenter will win the mousepad. Right now, we’re up to number 23, so there’s still more slots for you to join, if you haven’t.




As always, we’re always happy to receive whatever enquiries you might have, so hit us up on facebook or email us. 😀

WASD Peripherals




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