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Progress Update 5: Stay tuned!

Hey guys!

Another week, another shipment, another keyboard to look at. At least for us 😀

This coming week, we’ll have a few shipments coming in, one of which is a shipment of keycaps that we (and you guys as well, we hope) have been quite looking forward to. We won’t reveal what’s so special about it just yet, but expect Progress Update 5a to be up when it’s here. 😀

Besides that, we’re pretty keen on bringing in some Zowie Gear, but we’re hesitant to do so without any support from you guys. YES, YOU GUYS. So for those of you who want or are looking for Zowie gaming gear, especially the Zowie FK mouse, let us know. WE want to get to know YOU. 😀

Now, here are some keyboard pictures to keep you happy in the meantime. 😀

Purple-y goodness

The Ducky Premier Limited edition, available soon. It’s a hate or love thing.

ErgoDox keyboard. Funky and cool, comes standard with the Hipster 101 kit.

KBParadise V80 TKL keyboard 3 LED colour backlights, also available soon.

Call me crazy, but these keycaps are worth well over $100 USD EACH.

Orangey and grey keycaps on a SteelSeries. Mmmhh


As always, may your typing be AWESOME.

WASD Peripherals


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