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Monthly Archives: May 2014

One of the reasons why we’re in this business!

The main reason why we (everyone, in fact) goes into business is to make money. That is blindingly obvious. What isn’t so obvious is the chance to provide your customers with a level of satisfaction they cannot get anywhere else, and the feeling of your own satisfaction when you know you’ve done just that. This is the reply we got from one of our customers and it just made our day just that much better. 🙂


Hey Jonas!!! Came back late from work and tearing apart your package is the first thing in mind! After dinner it was straight handwash to package tearing.. and here my thoughts on them! And some pictures for you as well! I’m a happy man today 😀

 DSA Profiles

Sneaky, I wasn’t expecting any DSA blanks thinking that they may be lost under your pile of cables or keyboards! 😛 Thanks a lot for those DSA blanks man! You sure you’re not using any of them?

The DSA profiles are interesting. They change the feel of the keyboard significantly – with MX Browns the change is very, very different. But I have mixed feelings about it.. some strokes feel nice, a shorter distance to actuation/tactile bump, but some strokes barely give a tactile bump feel. Almost feels like a soft, soft membrane keyboard 😦  Oh, sometimes it’s hard to get the wire puller in place because of the larger base of the key. Some  keys are tight!


 I may buy a cheap set if I’m in luck. Probably gonna try them on my friends’ keyboard that’s using MX Black. Probably a more different feel on linear switches. Maybe I can convince him to switch to DSA profile.. then I can have more to experiment with 😛

 Novelty Keycaps

I’m enjoying the looks of PANIC on the ESC, Zoidberg of Disapproval on F1 (That’s the look I get when I accidentally hit F1 in spreadsheets, documents, browser.. -_-), and AwesomeFace on PrtScn – I always use PrtScn when awesome things happen on screen, like breaking a WPM record for instance 😛 
Being the only red keycap in the row makes the keycap seem smaller than it should, that’s also a fun thing to look at 🙂  



 Seems like all of them are using doubleshot printing.. with AwesomeFace having the smallest thickness and PANIC with the highest thickness. From your experience, how fast do you think they will fade if I place them at some keys with higher traffic, say DEL or F5?

 Question: Doubleshot ABS or PBT?

 Lately I’ve saw the Geekhack’s Taihao Groupbuy for Doubleshot ABS keycaps. And it’s cheap – $15 for 104 key profile, with 3 different color profiles to choose from.

I’m thinking, should I get one set of cheap Doubleshot ABS keycap or save up to buy Imsto’s Thick PBT Cherry keycaps. What do you think?

Closing Remarks

Nice doing business with you man. I hope your business will grow along your passion for mechanical keyboards. It ain’t easy with so many vendors around offering competitive prices, but are passionate and very helpful – something that many vendors lack. Really, GLWS! Will spread more poison among my friends J





Thank you Chris. ;D