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Official dealer – Razer, Steelseries, CM Storm, ROCCAT, Ducky.

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What’s up Kuching!!

Greetings from a fellow Kuchingite! Born and bred in this lovely city, i have grown into an avid fan of esports recently, playing, learning and watching games of Dota2 like how football fans watch Man U or Arsenal games. One thing I have noticed here in heaven on Earth (as we call it) is that there seems to be a lack of choices when looking for gaming peripherals. It’s either Razer or Logitech, and other brands are nowhere to be found. To remedy this, I started this enterprise and we are now on a mission to try and provide you, our customer, with any product you can think of that you want, that you simply cannot find here. So far, we’ve brought in some stuff you can only get exclusively from US (see: Razer Marauder HoTS), as well as stuff you can’t find here in Kuching, and there’s more to come in the near future!

Also, sometime in the midst of all this, we  developed a love of mechanical keyboards and discovered this one thing that Kuchingites have yet to embrace. So here we are, introducing the world of mechanical keyboards to all kuchingites, be they gamers, programmers, (noise-loving) typists, or just hobbyists in general.

May your typing never be silent, and your fingers always be happy.

WASD Peripherals


Contact Us

Hi! Here at WASD Peripherals, we welcome any and ALL enquiries. So feel free contact us for anything you want (even if it’s just to say hi ;P). Also,we welcomeLOVE enquiries regarding mechanical keyboards (what are they? why so heavy? why so expensive???) and would love to personally meet you in person and show you and let you molestouch our demo unit(s). So just email us.. maybe?

Email: wasdperipherals@gmail.com
Facebook: WASD Peripherals
Sales pages: https://forum.lowyat.net/user/weilung


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