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Deck Hassium Pro 108-key

The Deck Hassium Pro 108-key. Deck’s flagship model. On this very page, we will be taking it apart and showing you what it’s innards look like because.. why not??

Opening it up

This is what the Hassium looks like with it’s keycaps removed. You don’t have to remove them to open it up, but i thought there were fastening screws on the PCB under the keycaps. Apparently, there aren’t any (with the cover on, anyway).


Turning it around to look for fastening screws like on the Rosewill RK-9000, but there aren’t any to be found. Logically, I thought there would be some under the rubber pads (circled in red), but still none to be found.

DSC_0229 DSC_0230

Nothing under the label either.


So after some trawling on the interwebs, I found that the case is held together not by screws by by fastening clips only. To remove them, start on a lower corner.


There’s a fastening clip right where the red circle is.


Use a card or any hard plastic/thing that won’t scratch the case and pry it open. First, slip the card into the seam like above. Once it’s in, apply force using the card upwards and the clip should loosen.


The hole for the clip.


Continue along the lower case. There are 4 total on this keyboard.


Once you’ve got the last one on the bottom of the cover off, the case will slip right out.


All bottom clips unfastened/unclipped.


Just seperate the top case from the bottom case.


How the clip looks like.


There aren’t any clips on the side of the keyboard, so don’t worry about any there.


Bottom left of the case.


Bottom right of the case.


Top right side of the case.


Top left side of the case.


Artsy fartsy shot just because.


Now, we want to remove the PCB from the bottom case, and this is relatively straightforward. Just remove the 2 screws circled in red and it will pop right out.


Screws removed.


Be careful when you’re seperating the PCB and bottom case. The PCB is connected via a MOLEX connector to the USB cable, so don’t just pull it. Flip it over, and lay the PCB flat on the working surface.


The MOLEX connector.


To remove it, just pull the MOLEX pin out. DO NOT EVER pull on the wires. Instead, pull on the plastic pin head or else you could pull the wires out of the pin and damage it premanently.

There, you have now seperated and removed the PCB of the Deck Hassium Pro 108 key. Next, We’ll be changing the LEDs on this baby.

Stay tuned.



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