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Rosewill Rk-9000

Opening the case

This might seem easy but hey, it’s easy to write and a small step is better than nothing. =/ BEAR WITH ME FOLKS!
On a serious note, while this is almost rudimentary to most folks, this page is meant to help and encourage anyone, ESPECIALLY the average Joe, to open up and have a go at tinkering with their keyboard. So the most obvious step would be first to open it up. REMEMBER, do not proceed if you do not want to void your warranty as we will not be held responsible for anything that goes wrong.

Step 1: Remove dem screws.

Turn your RK-9000 over and unscrew these 3 screws from the case. If you face a problem here, you should just go home.


Step 2: Prying it apart.

Here, it must be said that you shouldn’t be too afraid to use force, but just make sure you control that force. Use a plastic credit card or similiar to start prying it open. The bottom side is easier to start on, and longer fingernails here make things easier.


You can see that clip/fastener has popped out in this picture. There are a total of 4 on the top and bottom, and none on the sides.


Once you get all 4 open, things start getting somewhat easier. You can see the red backplate once all 4 bottom pins/clips/fasteners are popped out.


Step 3: Move to the top.

Start prying the corners first. Once you have one corner loose, the whole case will be easy to just take off.


The case and the top of the steel backplate revealed.


The PCB/steel plate removed. If you’re wondering about the white piece of foam, it’s one of the very first modifications i would recommend if you can get a hold of a large piece of foam about 2 cm thick. Just cut it to the size of your rear case, put it in, and push the screw mounts in. The 3 mounts circled in the picture are the screw mounts for the 3 screws you unscrewed in Step 1, and the rest are just PCB supports. You don’t have to cut holes for them, just push them through.

If you’re asking why would anyone do this, this is why:

I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or not, but after putting the foam on the bottom, I can feel there’s much less reverberation within the case when I type. Makes the keyboard feel even more solid. 😀



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