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Progress update 4a: Congratulations to Adrian!

Hey guys!

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of our 100th “Like” Giveaway event, Mr Adrian Teo, from Swinburne University! He won a Steelseries QcK Mini Mousepad worth RM35. We have another giveaway planned when we reach 500 Likes, so make sure to have your friends like our page for exclusive information on gaming gear right here in Kuching! (We promise to give away at least a mouse this time :P)

Look at his huge smile! 😀


Also, we would like to announce that we have added another demo unit to our stable of keyboards! Introducing the Deck Hassium Pro, which retails at RM 459-479. This keyboard is Deck’s challenger to the Ducky Shine 3, with 9 programmeable LED scripts, and a few typing modes imcluding “Explosion”, “Fading” and “Ripple” effects. Look for the Honest Review of this unit in a few weeks (or months).



As usual, we would love to hear from you guys, so leave a comment on our Facebook page!


Much love
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Honest Reviews Vol. 1: Rosewill RK9000

Honest Reviews: I will mostly be doing reviews about products which i myself am selling,  so you might think that i am biased and….. i cannot refute that. However, i feel that my reviews will be more about what you will get if you buy these products, and less about OMFG THIS IS SO GOOD MUCH WOW PLS BUY. just sayin’.

Here we go.

So the item we’re looking at this week is the Rosewill RK 9000. Keep in mind that i am doing this review about 4 months after i first bought this keyboard, so i can give you, the reader, a user’s experience on this keyboard.

First off, this is what I got when I first bought this keyboard.


The box is fairly solid and is….. well.. it’s a box.

When you take it out of the box, there’s a polysterene sleeve which protects the keyboard.


The keyboard comes with a manual ( sort of) and 2 braided cables, 1 USB and 1P/S2 cable, so that you can choose which cable you wanna use. I must add here that the cables are quite well-built and even after 3 – 4 months of rough use, i have yet to find any snags or loose fabric on the cable.


The keyboard in its full glory, as i am using it now. Note that there are several aftermarket keycaps on the keyboard in the picture below. Here, i must say that the keyboard is pretty well built. The red steel plate makes it quite heavy (roughly 3.4 pounds or about 1 kilogram), but it is a good sort of heavy. You can tell from holding it in your hands, this piece of equipment was meant to be typed on, like REALLY TYPED ON.


The next picture shows the keyboard in it’s stock form. Much less plain, but no less attractive. It may look like any normal keyboard, but like any real man, i see beauty in function, and this keyboard functions well.


Side profile: Stepped keys, making typing that much better.


The mini USB connection on the keyboard. I have read on previous reviews that the connection is poorly made and that it breaks easily. I have experienced none of that. At the moment, i carry this keyboard around when i wanna get work done, which means that i plug and unplug the keyboard countless times a day. So far, the connection is as solid as the day I bought it. However, further reading shows that if there is an issue with the connection, it can easily be fixed with some solder and/or superglue.


Yet to mention what switches this keyboard has, so here it is in it’s full glory.


Cherry MX Blues! Noisy, yes, but hella fun to type on.


Here, i have removed the front cover of the keyboard, exposing the beautiful steel plate. Note, the steel plate is finished in red but the finishing is not perfect. There are a few scratches/ places where the paint is not even or chipped. However, i don’t feel that this is too big an issue and that it doesnt ruin the typing experience at all. IF, on the other hand, you have OCD, you might not be too happy.


This is the Rosewill’s on-board microcontroller, for your viewing pleasure.



Micro-controller removed.



Born on 18th June 2012.


The keyboard’s PCB. Flux residue was rampant, and the board is quite “dirty” in my honest opinion. Here, build quality could definitely be ramped up a notch or two. However, solder connections are solid and do not give any issues. It’s just appears sub-par, but it does the job perfectly fine.


Back cover (bottom) and front cover (top). It’s easily removed by unscrewing 3 screws from the back of the board. I currently am using the keyboard without re-screwing the screws as there are pins along the side of the covers that hold them together quite well.


Rosewill RK-9000. Made in Taiwan.

Wall of Text

First Impressions

The first impressions of the keyboard when i first got it, was that it was solid, built to last. One gripe i DO have is that it doesnt come with any accessories besides the 2 USB cables. No keypullers, no additional keycaps, no keyrings or anything. But hey, it’s the cheapest full size mechanical keyboard in the market, and i guess you get what you pay for.

Prolonged Usage

So far, in my 4-odd months of using this keyboard, i’ve grown to like it. Here are some good and bad points of the keyboard:

– Simple and elegant (arguable) design, classy and will probably never go out of style. As i’m a man with simple tastes, this goes well for me.

– Standard layout makes changing keycaps a cinch. As long as you can find ’em, most keycaps will fit on this board.

– Easy to remove covers makes for opening and cleaning the keyboard very easy and doable. Note that opening the keyboard voids the warranty, so BE CAREFUL.

– Heavy, and with rubber feet, means that the keyboard will not move around on your desk if you don’t want it to. However, this thing is by no means portable, and can be a pain to carry around.

– Full 104-key layout means that doing data entry is good, but not very portable and takes up valuable desktop real estate. (I may be getting a TKL board soon enough so… YAY MORE REVIEWS)

-This keyboard does not come with backlighting, and the PCB does not have holes for custom LED modding, so unless you mod with LES strips, this keyboard will never be backlit.

-No additional macro keys or additional software to record macro keys. Because of this, the keyboard is strictly plug and play, which is nice, but macro-heavy gamers may find this annoying/a breaking point. Note that aftermarket macro-recording software is available online for free, as far as i know. Can not confirm.


Good, solid entry level mechanical keyboard without backlighting, without macro keys. If you’re looking for a full-size mechanical keyboard without any frills, this is definitely your cuppa tea.

This keyboard retails at rm279 each, for every switch type (MX Blues, MX Browns, MX Reds, MX Blacks). Right now, i’m not stocking any Rosewills but if there is enough demand, i’ll bring them in.

Hit me up in the comments if you wanna know more.

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update 25/02 – enlarged photos. Thanks Wilson =D